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MetaFit is one of my early efforts to start a business and brand of my own. I developed, marketed, and generated revenue from MetaFit.


The vision for MetaFit was to create a daily group training program that combined the best of physical exercise, meditation, breathing techniques, gratitude journaling, and goal visualization. Think “group fitness class meets personal development seminar.”

After extensive market research I learned Americans consume billions of dollars worth of peak performance training materials every year from books, podcasts, seminars, webinars, online courses, and personal coaching.

However, even with the wealth of knowledge available to the average consumer one main problem remains: implementation and consistency. We know WHAT to do; but it's really hard to keep DOING IT.

Over a period of three years I read books, created training videos, wrote articles, learned to teach meditation and group fitness classes, in order to refine MetaFit.

During this time, over 100 people received my weekly email containing digital trainings and articles that I also promoted through my blog and social media channels. Additionally I taught meditation, CrossFit, and personal development sessions at Boulder CrossFit in Boulder, CO.

After some refinement, I was able to secure a spot for MetaFit on the fitness roster at a country club and resort in Colorado Springs  This was the first extended test of MetaFit as I envisioned it: a daily group training program that combined the best of physical exercise, personal development, and mindfulness.

People LOVED it! After just a few classes I had a small following of regulars. This group served as the early adopters who would help me further develop and hone MetaFit.

Building MetaFit has been an exceptional experience for me because I learned to identify a market need, develop a product, and execute on my vision.

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Here's some informational content I created for my audience.



"Amazing, perfect combination of strength, cardio, and dynamic movement...very focused on the total health package! This class and Barrett's energy are a GREAT addition to the club!"

Kristin Pena

"Barrett is wonderful and leads a great class. He's knowledgeable and his attention to detail is very helpful. MetaFit is a great addition to the classes here."

Allison Curtis

"Loved the meditation aspect...the post class meditation really helped me cool down."

Sasha Hill




Education of my customers about the importance of psychological training was one of my biggest hurdles.

I used a combination of soliciting potential customers directly and digital marketing to grow my client base. 



Professionalism and communication skills were essential for me to develop and maintain rapport with customers.

My class programming had to be flexible to the needs of my clients to ensure their safety and success.



Each day required new class programming that challenged my clients and fit within long term course goals.

Additionally, I scheduled the creation and distribution of instructional content and articles for my clients.