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3 Reasons You Should Meditate After You Workout

We need to reconsider the relationship between meditation and exercise.

Here’s why:

The post-workout meditation has been overlooked.

Of course, pre workout meditations are established as a great way to improve your workouts. I’m not here to discredit them; clearly pre-workout meditation works.

However, most people are missing half the fun!

We have been using meditation to improve exercise when we could be using exercise to power meditation.

I’m not talking about yoga here, I’m talking about using meditation after running, lifting, interval training, sports or anything else you’re into.

So many of us waste those first few minutes after our workout checking email or Facebook; why not invest that time into your own brain instead?

There’s a barrier in many people’s minds that meditation and exercise are mutually exclusive. Probably because many meditators say that the ideal condition for meditation is a rested state, NOT a sweaty post workout euphoria.

The underlying logic here is that the body is too exhausted and the brain is too flooded with endorphins to make meditation effective. But they’re wrong.

Let’s review what intense exercise does for the brain and body.

1. Release of neurotransmitters.

During exercise the brain floods itself with “feel good” chemicals like endorphins, serotonin, dopamine, glutamate and gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA).

This combination of neurotransmitters creates a chemical cocktail of stress reduction inside your body.

Additionally, these neurotransmitters can help “turn off” your mind. For most people the biggest source of anxiety is we just can’t stop thinking.