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The 5 Energy Sources That Make You Feel Alive

5 sources of energy make us feel our best (or worst), they are: food, sleep, breath, meditation, and exercise.

Being able to leverage these 5 sources effectively will greatly increase your energy levels and help you feel great all day.

Here are some great tips and resources:

1. FOOD (and water): Eat for energy.

“Eat [real] food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” -Michael Pollan

You can [and should] use this quote as a thought tool. Eating the right foods in the right quantities will make you feel energized after eating.

“Eat [real] food." The less machines have to mess with your food before it gets to you, the better. Watch out for boxes and bags, if it was made in a factory it's not the best for your body.

According to a recent study, refined foods cause “significant weight gain, motivational...and cognitive impairment.” Keep it real people! Examples of refined foods are candy and soda.

“Not too much” is often the hardest part for most of us, which makes sense because “just as eating too much can lead to fatigue, fatigue can lead to eating too much, creating a vicious cycle of weight gain and decreased energy.”

That’s right, you may be eating yourself into a low-energy state.

I like to apply the 80/20 rule: stop eating once you feel 80% full. The easiest way to follow this rule is to eat slowly and mindfully.

It works for two reasons: