Hi! I'm Barrett, I create Happiness Programs that help people and organizations get to their next level of happiness and success.

I love to share tools that create sustainable wellbeing for others. It's one of my life's greatest gifts to be in a room with people who are ready to learn, grow, and play. Reaching higher levels of potential is what it's all about for me and I love to share that journey with others.


I have worked with people of all ages and backgrounds; from children to the elderly, single mothers suffering from substance abuse to corporate leaders looking for an edge.


I believe we are all the same at our core, when we choose to recognize the shared experience of our humanity amazing things can happen. I believe we can change the world.

I love to work-out, meditate, do yoga, eat healthy (most of the time), read books, meet new people, and promise myself I will go to sleep early.


In my free time, I like to get on stage and perform. You can find me doing improv shows in Denver!