I develop Wellness Programs that help people create energetic, social, and vibrant lives.




More happiness, less effort.


Creating joy from within.

Practical exercises for happiness including yoga, breath work, meditation, and positive psychology.

Participants develop self-awareness around their physical and mental health; taking back control of their own energy and happiness.


Social-Emotional Conditioning through play.

Exercises for finding joy in social life and the workplace; using the art of Applied Improvisation (improv comedy). 

Participants laugh and make authentic connections while learning valuable skills such as effective communication, confidence, and cooperation.


Service to humanity.

Connecting teams and individuals to an inspiring common vision for the future.

Participants gain a rewarding sense of interconnectedness with their community and learn how to include a spirit of service in their work.



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200-Hour Certified Yoga Teacher

2014 - Present

5 years of experience in wellness program development. Expertise in making meditation, breathwork, yoga, and positive psychology accessible to all bodies and backgrounds.

2 years of experience in fitness program management and group exercise instruction.


Chicago Trained Performer and Applied Improv Teacher

2014 - Present

4 years of experience developing improv-based social-emotional skills training for groups and organizations.

5 years of experience performing and teaching improv to all experience levels. Classically trained in Chicago, the birthplace of improvisation.


Certified Social-Emotional Development Facilitator

2017 - Present

1 year of experience in corporate wellness program development, sales, and facilitation.

2 years of experience technical training in food/beverage/hospitality industry.



Organizations I've worked with


Lyft Chicago


Jones Lang LaSalle

Oh My Green


What it's like to work with me


Lyft needed an on boarding experience when employees from their satellite offices were being integrated into their main office. We developed a 90-minute group session to create an electric first impression. After the workshop, everyone stuck around for a catered dinner. Without any persuasion, the entire team sat in a circle and began sharing life stories, beliefs, values, and ideas of personal significance, it was calm and candid. I asked Carlos, “Is this normal for you guys?” he replied “No, I have never seen everyone sitting and talking in a big circle like that before. I think it's a direct result of the workshop.”

Carlos Correa, Operations Manager Midwest, Lyft

“An employee and I were having a walking 1:1 around the office. As she was describing a situation that had her stressed, I noticed her speech and walking speed increased significantly. Your exercises made me more mindful of how the mind and body are connected; I pointed it out to her and suggested we slow down. We eventually sat and were able to have a more meaningful and thoughtful conversation...It was pretty cool. 

I’ve been through a lot of management training and have a lot of experience in the field, this training was different. It wasn’t just preaching, it was practice."

Joey Baumer, Head of Client Experience East, Oh My Green

 "The Happiness Workshop was a great way to start our Wellness Week. Barrett did an amazing job of laying out what we would be doing in the workshop and what the outcomes would be. I definitely felt like I could take some of the techniques we learned and apply it to my every day... this is a great group and team building activity that people should experience. Thank you!"

Felize Chua, People Operations Business Partner, Intercom

"With a group of 18 coworkers that don't often practice being vulnerable with each other, this workshop lead us smoothly into a space in which we felt comfortable being silly, awkward, and exposed. The 90 minutes was very tactfully structured. There was a balance of mindfulness, improv, meditation, storytelling, listening, speaking, moving, and breathing that catered to all the different strengths in the room. Barrett had an understanding of our day-to-day at work and related the activities in the workshop to our work lives, which made it that much more rewarding. Our team was talking about the workshop the whole rest of the evening! They don't call it a Happiness workshop for nothin!"

Emily Schcolnik, Community Specialist, Lyft

"Barrett brought a lot of energy which made it fun! The information and exercises he shared were really useful. My favorite was the 4 phase meditation!"

Allie, Customer Support, Intercom


Videos and Articles I've created


How To Get The Most Out of Meditation

October 12, 2017

The 5 Energy Sources That Make You Feel Alive

July 7, 2017

3 Reasons You Should Meditate After You Workout

November 17, 2016

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I chose media studies to equip myself for the realities of being a wellness practitioner in the digital age.

Today content is king and influence is currency; my intent was to learn how to effectively position myself and communicate online. 



Program focused on digital journalism. Researched, conducted interviews, crafted stories, created content for online consumption on multiple platforms. 

Major GPA: 3.75



Program focused on developing proficiency in Adobe Suite. Gained experience with Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Lightroom, and After Effects.


"What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals."

-Zig Ziglar



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